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Zeus 'n Hades

Limited edition products for your adventures.

About us

Zeus ‘n Hades produces high quality and limited edition products for people that share our love of adventure. Founded based on the question “How can we express the love of adventure in a physical way, rather than just a digital one?”. We were looking to have something tangible, rather than solely a “like” on a page. We also recognized that what is special, is usually unique. If it were all around, it would not be special anymore.

Producing only limited editions ensures that whatever we produce is special. With these thoughts in mind, we set out to create products that not only express our love for adventure, but also become part of it. The name Zeus ‘n Hades originates from one of our adventures, a nick-name that was earned on a great trip. Not surprisingly, we took that name and the memory it stands for, and turned it into a synonym for limited edition products for people that share our love of adventure. The circle is complete.

Our Vision

“We believe that everyone who loves adventure, treasures the memories of their adventures. Through the products of Zeus ‘n Hades, we aim to both express the love for adventure and be part of yours. We aspire to be part of everyone’s adventures, no matter how big or small.”

What we do



Zeus ‘n Hades produces high quality products. To us that means we take great care in researching materials from many different aspects; design, durability, comfort and sustainability. It also means we tightly control the quality of the finished product, to ensure that there are no production errors. Because we produce small batch limited editions only, we are proud to have a 100% quality control on each product we ship out. High quality production is a continuous process, and we strive to improve our quality with every passing moment.



We also take great pride in carefully selecting who we work with, and whether what we design, matches what we stand for. All of Zeus ‘n Hades products are designed in-house and feature original art, from the frame to the pattern, it’s all thought out by us and our brand collaborators. We have designed our own website, perform our own marketing, manage our own social media and manage all operational processes from order fulfillment to after sales. All of this is to ensure that when you purchase a Zeus ‘n Hades product from us, it is directly from the creators, and controlled by the people who share your love for adventure.



Fast fashion and sustainability do not match. Neither do mass production and uniqueness. All of Zeus ‘n Hades products are limited editions only because we want you to have a unique experience.Through this way, we hope you will find the product that matches your interests and showcases the love for your adventures. We also care about our environmental impact and believe by creating limited editions only, we reduce excessive waste. A win-win for us all and our planet.


If you have read this far, we thank you very much!

And if you would like to send us comments or ideas, or just tell us what you think about our products, we invite you to shoot us a message!

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Zeus ‘n Hades B.V.

HQ: Amsterdam, The Netherlands