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Last Breyt is an incubator of the old school essential rides, aimed at seeking out the emotions that they give us. Last Breyt was born from the passion for motors and design. Founded by the creative designer and petrolhead Marco Molteni, initially as lover and promoter of what over the years has become the “bratstyle-style”.
In the last decade Marco has become more and more passionate about old school motorcycles and cars, in particular those with an essential, rough and masculine style. Last Breyt is linked to the retro spirit, the nostalgia of iron and to elements like old school motors and good vibes. Representing a lifestyle, enclosed in a resistant and exciting world. Almost fifty motorcycles and several articles about well-known and lesser-known characters from the custom world have been published on the Last Breyt website. A modest number, if compared to some famous blogs dealing with similar rides. Quantity was never Last Breyt’s goal, on the contrary, it was highly focused on discovering and highlighting the creations of some enthusiast or emerging professionals and telling the stories behind it.
Marco’s passion is a genuine and sincere one. His love for adventure is not just made up of the rides on a motorcycle, or the biker rallies spent with some friends. Among his best memories are the travels to Japan to meet his favorite customizers and the hours spent with the American friends. But his greatest adventure consists in researching, designing and communicating something that transmits emotions and always… good vibrations!
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Zeus 'n Hades

“When I was a child my father took me to Monza to enjoy Formula 1. I still remember the sound of the Ferrari V12 at the Variante Ascari. The atmosphere breathed at the racetrack in those years is unforgettable. If I close my eyes it seems to me that I still live those moments. Over the years I have cultivated a passion for motors, discovering my true vocation in design and in the emotions that both are able to communicate.”


Old school rideS, design, emotions.

Incubator of the old school essential rides, aimed at seeking for the emotions that they give us.

Last Breyt

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Born as a promoter of “bratstyle” and before anyone else.