Pre-sale Policy

Updated 25 July 2022


In this Pre-sale Policy you will find information on what pre-sales are, and what your are rights when pre-ordering a product. This Pre-sale Policy supersedes the General Terms & Conditions. If any article or explanation described in this Pre-sale Policy is in conflict with the General Terms & Conditions or any conditions Zeus ‘n Hades provides, this Pre-sale Policy is leading. No other rights can be derived from this Pre-sale Policy.



1. What is a Pre-sale?

A Pre-sale is an order of a product placed by you through our Website that is not yet in stock and/or production. Through a Pre-sale, you purchase a product but have to wait until it is taken into production and/or until it is in stock to know exactly when you will receive it.

2. What are the conditions of a Pre-sale?

A Pre-sale provides you with the same rights as a regular purchase, with the minor difference that it is not cancellable. A purchase in the form of a Pre-sale is considered final until delivery. You have the same warranty rights, as well as the right to return the product if it is not satisfactory following the General Terms & Conditions.

The specific webpage of the product in question that is under Pre-sale may provide you with information such as the estimated start of production and potential delivery schedule. It may also inform you of a minimum production threshold it needs to achieve before starting with production.

3. How will I be updated about the status of a Pre-sale?

You will be informed about the status of a Pre-sale through the webpage of the product in question. You may also contact our customer service via email.