Last Breyt Snapback Cap Limited Edition


Last Breyt Snapback is a limited edition of 300 caps. When you wear Last Breyt, you show passion for freedom and old school rides. Soft breathable back panels and a Dry-Tech sweatband provide ideal fit and comfort. The interchangeable front-side patch with hook-and-loop fastener system allows you to change the look of the cap according to the occasion and show your personal preference. Combine the Prime 300 with a limited edition Last Breyt patch for an even more unique item.

Dry-Tech SweatbandLimited EditionHook-and-Loop Patch

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snapback cap hook-and-loop patch

Interchangeable patch

The robust hook-and-loop fastener system allows you to replace the front patch with one of the many unique designs made by Zeus 'n Hades. You can change the look of the cap according to the occasion and show your personal preference.

Dry-Tech sweatband

The sweatband developed with Dry-Tech technology is designed to provide you additional comfort. Lightweight, soft and fast drying; Dry-Tech sweatband unique properties allow it to swiftly wick away moisture.

snapback cap dry-tech sweatband
snapback cap suede underbill

Suede underbill

The bottom of the visor is lined in vegan suede, a detail designed to provide a refined look and tactile pleasure.

Limited Edition

All Zeus 'n Hades products are produced in limited numbers and each Zeus 'n Hades edition has unique characteristics that differentiate it from prior editions. Through our guaranteed limited edition products, you are sure to buy or gift something irreplaceable.

snapback cap limited edition
snapback cap breathable

Soft breathable back

Prime 300 has soft and breathable back panels for a more refined look. Like typical mesh, breathable back panels are designed to increase ventilation.


Pack weight 0,5 kg
Pack size 21 × 25 × 14,5 cm

One size fits all


Dry-Tech is a premium sweatband providing great comfort and fast drying properties. It is made of a soft material and effectively absorbs your perspiration. It ensures maximum absorbency with superb drying capabilities.


High Crown. Soft breathable back panels.


6 panel, 85° front angle.


Flat visor, squared. Possibility to curve it manually.


Hook-and-loop interchangeable.


Lined inside.

Limited Edition

300 pieces.


Crown, visor, sweatband: 100% polyester. Lining: 80% polyester / 20% cotton.

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