Rachael Dickhute, the Wayward Roamer.

Rachael Dickhute the Wayward Roamer

We met Rachael Dickhute thanks to The GoldBlack Magazine. Over a delicious brunch in the center of Amsterdam Rachael told us about herself and her passion for travel and adventure.

Rachael is a model and creative director, with a long experience in the fashion marketing industry, but her real passion is travel. From the many road adventures to travel through fascinating far countries, exotic and wild, or trendy and cosmopolitan cities. Leaving most of her belongings in Los Angeles, she travels the world full time. Inspired by literature, music, style and motorcycles, Rachael’s love for adventure and travel incorporate her favorite brands into her wanderlust lifestyle.

The name “Wayward Roamer” is inspired by the song “Carry on Wayward Son” by Kansas. She has this idea because her father calls Rachael his “wayward daughter”.

Speaking about travel, she can also be defined wayward. Rachael is not a fan of purchasing roundtrip tickets, and she thinks that if you stay less than two weeks you don’t get the place, you learn nothing from it. She really doesn’t like the idea that the trip is over, so when it comes time to go back she can reach the pinnacle of her waywardness.

A deep passion for the adventure.

As Zeus ‘n Hades, Rachael shares a deep passion for the adventure. One of the most passionate about traveling is just going with the flow. When somebody tells Rachael they will go to a certain location, asking her to join them, she can have the luggage ready in seconds.

“Traveling brings you a perspective. When it comes to travel it is about life education. Exploring and discovering teaches you more than years in high school. Traveling makes you understand what the world is like, the real one. It is a school of life, it educates in fundamental concepts that can help to grow in the most correct and balanced way. There are many things you can learn by journeying, they should teach travel in schools as a form of education.”
Rachael visited Götheborg in Sweden, determined to go to reach a castle she had researched as the filming location for Lars Von Trier’s film, ‘Melencholia’. It was not easy to get there, as people were pointing her in the wrong direction, but at the end she hitchhiked her way to this castle. After a train ride and bus transfer, she was dropped off in a field with no buildings in sight with very little cell service. After a bit of walking, she found a barn where they offered her a ride to the castle just a few miles down the road. It was well worth the adventure.

Van life.

“I consider myself a travel addict. I have visited 21 countries in the past 24 months. And during the Covid time I couldn’t sit still. After numerous travels abroad I had a kind of culture shock once back in the USA. So I rented a camper van to travel to different states, in order to ‘explore my backyard’ on the road, figuring out how to go from point A to B.”
Rachael loved that van life, even in the little things, like boiling the water to make the coffee in the morning. She was determined to reach unexplored places, starting from figuring out how to get there, up to grasping the essence they offered.

Style and motorcycles.

Among what inspires Rachael are style and motorcycles. These are both elements that match Zeus ‘n Hades, because design and rides are in our DNA. And like us, Rachael used to ride motorcycles too. Although, currently, most of the time now as a passenger. When she started to seriously travel, she sold her bike to a friend. Initially, she got her motorcycle license because she wanted to rent bikes on holiday.

What she likes the most about motorcycles is being exposed to the elements. Exactly that amazing feeling that bikers know so well, and who promptly calls them back in the saddle. The perception, what you can see from all directions and spot: up, down, left, right, every angle. Feeling air, smell, things that in a car you cannot really do. Rachael experimented that especially riding in Malibu and through the canyons. Riding a motorcycle you are like fuse with the environment that surrounds you. For getting on a bike is that, not about the speed or the road. She’s not a speed junkie, she enjoys the freedom. Traveling and riding motorcycles is something Rachael could never, ever give up.

Off the beaten path adventure.

One of the best aspects of an adventure on the road is what you can learn from that. It teaches you how to solve problems, heightened awareness, forcing you to be more sharp, focus on what you are doing and what’s the next. You definitely learn from your travel experiences.

The worst aspect is not being prepared for some eventualities, or unpleasant events. The possible dangers you may encounter during the journey. Rachel travels with safety and consciousness in mind. She researches local laws and culture before heading to a new destination.

Rachael prefers to live the so-called “off the beaten path” adventure, traveling to places that are not commonly sought after. Hard to find places, almost hidden, are a pleasant challenge for her. Saving the spots she finds in a list so she can later suggest friends to go there. When Rachael was in Venice, Italy, she casually discovered a place not far from Piazza San Marco, that sells fresh pasta out of a Chinese take away box, which was delicious. She enjoyed her meal in front of a beautiful spot, such a great memory!

We asked Rachael, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much does travel help nourish the mind and stimulate creativity? Her answer was 11.

“I read a lot of literature. I get inspired by a book and then I want to visit the place where the book is set to feel a similar experience. I read ‘A Farewell to Arms’ by Ernest Hemingway, a story of love and war that takes place in Italy. And shortly after finishing the book I traveled to those same places, to amplify the perception of the story.”

From travels you can get knowledge. Thanks to her travel experiences Rachael is quite erudite. She knows a lot about random things, learned from local folk, talking to random people on the streets. In this way you can definitely get wisdom.

The journey that is most stuck in her heart is the one in Cambodia. It was a very unique experience. The education in the US is limited, they don’t get taught about. Teachers didn’t explain deeply about the Vietnam war, so she wanted to better understand going there. Learning about how a landmine works, even in a technical way.

Rachael visited several non profit organizations, which was an eye opening trip. She felt kind of naive about not properly knowing an important part of American history, feeling on the contrary very honored to be able to learn about it on site. To be there was sobering in experience but also beautiful, in the places where history was written. This can be considered an experience that enriches you internally.

The GoldBlack Magazine.

Rachael chose to wear one cap of our The GoldBlack Magazine collection. About the style and the contents of tGBmag, she especially likes the elegance.

“Alfio does a great job curating his contents, with a fine line between sexy and elegant. In the USA sexy becomes smuggy, Europeans are better at doing this. He created a classy identifiable brand.”

When Rachel first saw the The GoldBlack Magazine edition Stretch Fit cap by Zeus ‘n Hades immediately wanted one to wear. It represents the elegance of tGBmag. When she saw Alfio having his first product she wanted to promote it. Rachel thought it was great that she could finally have a tangible element that represents The GoldBlack Magazine. She wore the cap at a motorcycle event in California and the people recognised the tGBmag brand.

After Amsterdam, Rachael will be in Paris for a week and later 18 hour layover in Istanbul, to then return to Los Angeles, ready to plan her next trip and adventure!

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